A BLog About PVCHR

People’s Vigilance Committee Human Rights 

Why a blog about PVCHR?

Everyone across the globe deserves justice and equal rights, regardless of their race, gender, sexual identity, and abilities. Addressing these issues is key to building a sustainable world, particularly now that people are struggling to survive and many of them living in extreme poverty.

It is a global issue that people living in extreme poverty remain at risk of crime and abuse, and without legal protection, they are more vulnerable and can lose their freedom including ownership of their land and property, be exploited, and experience long-term disadvantages.

It is for this, and other reasons that the People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) exists in India – to ensure that marginalized groups and vulnerable communities including women and children are free from social injustice, poverty, discrimination, public prejudice, illiteracy, and lack of education.

This blog exists to highlight and make known the efforts PVCHR is making in gradually bringing change to people. It serves to show the world that we can do more than just observe and condemn the injustices people face.

Why Do People Need to Know about PVCHR?

People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) is a warrior against human rights violations. It began in 1996 as a membership-based human rights movement in Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) as a program unit of Jan Mitra Nyas, one of the most conservative, traditional, and segregated regions in India.

Over the years, it has grown and become widely recognized for eliminating circumstances that breed the exploitation of vulnerable and marginalized groups. The organization works at the grassroots level through an inter-institutional approach to ensure that children, women, Dalits, Tribes, and Muslims, among other vulnerable individuals, are treated right with respect and with a human rights culture based on democratic values. The PVCHR’s ethos is guided by Dr. B. D. Ambedkar, the father of the Dalit movement, who fought against Brahmanism and the caste hierarchy still experienced in India.

Why People Need to Know about PVCHR?

With social injustices prevalent across the world, PVCHR is exemplary in championing the rights of those whose voices go unheard in society. It is investigating and documenting human rights violations linked with advocacy, publication, and networking on both local and national levels while ensuring that the victims of these injustices get the justice they deserve.

The organization is creating a society free of torture, one with friendly and happy people while constructing and renovating local institutions and supporting the communities involved with active human rights networks. By creating a democratic structure for the marginalized and vulnerable, PVCHR is enabling these communities to gain access to constitutional guarantees of contemporary society.

The organization is also empowering marginalized and poor communities through training, workshops, and by providing them with easy access to information. It is also a bridge between the local human rights efforts and the international bodies, which can work together to promote a free society where everyone is represented and treated equally.

It is this passion for social justice through meaningful activities, the dedication and commitment to being compassionate, and the healing journeys of the ordinary individuals it represents and their stirring stories that make PVCHR an organization worth writing home about.

"Human Rights Are Not Privilege Conferred By Government. They Are Every Human Being's Entitlement By Virtue Of His Humanity."