4 Simple Fitness Activities for Human Rights Activists

Moving up and down in offices, in extreme cases on the streets (the daily hassles of human rights activists), requires a physically fit body.


Social activists have a tiring day; if not sitting in long board room meetings. You can also be on the streets demonstrating for an ordinary course, or they are in brainstorming sessions trying to get way forward for a severe emerging issue.


A healthy body doesn’t come from the blues; you have to work for it daily. The most common way is by enrolling in a fitness program.


Without commitment and consistency, they are bound to fail. At times, the failure doesn’t come out of choice; the busy schedules don’t give ample time for the same.


Traveling is part of the program for a human rights activist.


When they have to get to the ground to get facts and figures to substantiate their research findings for a solution, they need to go right to the controversy center.


Therefore, what options are left for them to maintain a fitness activity?


  1. Home work out exercises

The barrier to your fitness goals is time. You are engrossed in a tight work schedule, and at times you have to work away from home.


Attending seminars and conferences out of your home country is the norm for such careers.


That makes visiting a fitness center a challenge. Never use the excuse not to have your desired body. Where can you start?


  • Use technology to your advantage
  • Enroll for online fitness lessons to work irrespective of your location
  • Schedule time for home exercise whether at home or away from home
  • Stick to the schedule as you monitor progress
  • Get a mentor to hold your hand


Best home exercises you can try at home without machines


  • Intensive squats
  • Push-ups
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Sits ups
  • Plank with alternating leg lift




  1. Taking a walk of nature

The advantage human advocates have is that walking is part of their activities. Although you also need to take time and have nature walk within your neighborhood.


If you are to match walking with running, then do it for long hours. It helps to improve circulation and also take good care of your emotional health.


As you interact with nature and look around the environment, you tend to appreciate what nature offers.


In that case, you achieve two things.


Get that well fit body and work on your mood despite a rough day you had tried to convince government officers on the need for inclusivity for vulnerable groups.


  1. Bike riding

A bike is a machine you should have when looking to enhance your fitness activities. The times you stay indoors working with minimal physical activity, change your environment, and jump on that bike.


Take a ride to build your confidence, sharpen your mind, and strengthen your muscles. With all these benefits, it translates to productivity in your human rights activism functions.


You need the confidence to face brush shoulders with who-is-who to drive a human right point.


Moreover, that sharp mind is what attracts these people to take you seriously with your humanitarian concept.


Lastly, you have to be in a good state of health for consistency and continuity in work.


  1. Morning runs

If you are keen, there is an hour you waste before you get out of bed and do something meaningful.


Why not engage that time and run around your neighborhood for physical fitness? It’s vital to give you the necessary energy to start the long day walking from one office to another, if not one meeting to the other.


Morning runs are beneficial for these reasons


  • Helps to burn calories
  • It’s simple and needs no expensive machines
  • Rejuvenates the body to start the day with ease
  • Boosts one’s mood
  • Provides the necessary energy to start the day
  • Reduces stress levels and also

Why should human rights activists strive to have a physically-fit body?


  • Have a good state of health to enhance productivity
  • Provide the required energy to handle stressful work situations
  • Makes them have a good mood to stay positive to the course
  • Ideal for giving them a positive mind to look at the good things despite the current huddles
  • Makes their work fun and exciting


After engaging in all the fitness activities of choice, visit a massage parlor once in a while.


Get to that massage chair and enjoy a shoulder and back massage to enhance your emotional and physical well being.


You will have a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle as much as social advocacy is stressful and demanding.