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Mission, Vision, And Founder Of The Site

About Jerry J. Mueller

Jerry J. Mueller is a champion for human rights. He believes in lending his voice and support to ensuring vulnerable people and marginalized communities are free and treated equally. He shares a commitment to speaking out and standing up for the human rights of others. Let his stories and endeavor for a just society inspire and move you to act.


To create awareness, provide basic rights to all, and address the legal and human rights violations facing vulnerable and marginalized communities. This site serves to be the entry point to addressing social injustices and where opportunities can be created through which legal institutions across the globe can establish norms and practices that speak and work against human rights challenges. Our efforts are tailored towards the sensitization of people on legal matters and by being a consistent and reliable reference to the outside world on human rights and justice development.


To work towards establishing a true and vibrant society that is entrenched and centered on upholding social justice. We envisioned a reformed society free from impunity and uncountability, oppression, and the exploitation of poor people and the marginalized in general. This is done with a vision to translate paper rights into reality for everyone. So, this site seeks new dawn for the people where human rights are respected and upheld without regard to ethnic origin, social class, gender, religion, or nationality.