Activities That Can Help Young Rape Victims

Rape victims have the right to be given justice for what they have experienced and aside from that they also have the right to have access to the necessary interventions they might need after their traumatic experience. Rape requires numerous structures, including attacks, such as rape or attempted rape, as well as any unwanted sexual contacts or dangers. For the most part, rape occurs when someone touches any part of someone else’s body sexually, even through clothing, without the consent of that person. Several types of sexual activities that fall under the category of rape include limited sex (rape), homosexuality (oral or paroxysmal intercourse), assaulting a child, crossing, stroking and attempting to rape. Rape in any frame is regularly an overwhelming misdemeanor. Aggressors can be outsiders, partners, companions or relatives. Aggressors represent rape by perversity, danger, coercion, control, weight or traps. Whatever the conditions, no one asks for or is essentially subjected to sexual punishment.

Rape survivors’ need therapy to help them remove the trauma because of their experience. There are a lot of things to consider when planning activities that can help them recover. The factors that need to be considered are age, development of the victim in terms of coping up with trauma, availability of the victims’ support group, and the victim’s attitude towards other people. Several survivors of rape will find that they can recover moderately quickly, while others will feel the long-term consequences of their exploitation throughout their lives.

Here are some activities that rape victims recover:

Bond with family and friends
Rape affects the victim, as well as friends and family. If there are people who can best help the rape victims to recover it would be the people closest to them. Rape victims are vulnerable to be depressed due to the traumatic experience and it is when they need their loved ones the most to help them emotionally. It is very important to be very careful in saying things to the victims. Bonding activities should be something that can make the victims feel happy and comfortable. It can be as simple as eating with them or watching a movie, it can be anything as long as it will make them feel happy and comfortable

Consult a psychologist
If there is a professional who can help the victims the most when it comes to mental health, it is the psychologist. Consulting a psychologist can help victims to deal with trauma.

Exercise is a good way to make people feel better but for rape victims, will these be worth it? Yes it is, and studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are not just physically fit but also mentally healthy. Rape victims are more likely suffering from anxiety and/or depression after their traumatic experience and it is very urgent to help them recover mentally so they can go on with their life with a positive mindset. Exercise doesn’t need to be in a gym because some victims might not be comfortable being around other people they don’t know. There are exercises that they can do at home or they can also try playing sports as an exercise. There some sports for small spaces at home like table tennis, badminton, chess, etc. Good thing it’s convenient nowadays to find the best and affordable sports equipment online, thanks to PPP.

Going to a place where they haven’t visited yet will give the victims the feeling of having a fresh start. It would be great if they can be with nature too so they can relax and forget the negative thoughts and memories. It will also give them that feeling that there are more things to look forward in life.

Dealing with trauma brought by rape is a mental battle and it can’t be won if the victims will do it alone. They need people most especially their loved ones to be there for them.