Reasons Why Human Rights Activists Need Coffee Early in the Morning

Advocacy work is not a job for the faint-hearted. It needs strong and willing men and women who can stand for the truth even if the whole world is against them.

Fighting for the right of the less privileged and their freedom of expression are some of their job descriptions, among other responsibilities.

At times, they have to walk from one office to the other to voice their concerns. When worse come to the worst, they are forced to go to the streets to protest to get the attention of the national and international community.

That kind of work requires a strong social support system as well as good physical health. As much as the passion for human rights is a motivating factor in leaving your bed in the morning; you need a physically fit body to do it with ease.

Your diet and drink as you start your day plays an important role in providing the necessary energy throughout the day.

Coffee is one such drink that is important for the health of a human right official for the following reasons.  

Boosts one’s physical performance
The caffeine content of about 10 per cent found in coffee is essential to help in increasing the production of adrenaline hormone.

Adrenaline prepares the body for an intensive physical exercise ahead. That tells you why thirty minutes before a workout, the gym instructors advice you to drink a cup of coffee.

It is the same reason you can’t fail to find an automatic espresso machine at the gym. Human right activist requires that preparation to ensure they can endure the long walks advocating for a human right for the voiceless.

The automatic coffee machine at the human rights office isn’t a bad idea; it comes with fewer maintenance costs.

The access to a fully one touch process to a delicious cup makes you enjoy all the benefits of this beverage.

Maintains a healthy weight
Naturally, coffee helps to reduce the blood sugar levels, which mean your body has less sugar cravings.

Sugar is the number one enemy in weight loss. When you can avoid it, you are sure of minimal weight gain.

At times the office work preparing the documentation to submit and present at the conferences means you have less time to work out. You end up accumulating more bad fat which aids in weight gain.

Coffee suppresses that craving; you end up eating balanced meals which promotes your overall health.

Makes you alert and focussed
Coffee works directly on the central nervous system. Its results are instant; if you want to trans night to ensure you have all you need for that important human right assignment, then coffee should be the drink on your tableside.

If you are to wake up early in the morning to implement the noble exercise, fatigue is inevitable.

Therefore, a cup of coffee helps you to stay focused and alert the whole day without feeling tired due to sleeplessness.

Acts as an antioxidant
Once you have many free radicals, you are prone to pathogen attacks. Coffee is an antioxidant which counters the free radicals in the blood to maintain your body equilibrium- a state of good health.

How are you able to face a jury or a legislative committee as a human right activist when you are in a poor state of health? An antioxidant is health armour against a mirage of diseases.

Promotes cognitive action
Coffee is a stimulant. That makes it a beverage that works directly on the brain for a positive brain functioning.

The fact that it stimulates the production of stress-relieving hormones, including adrenaline, means that it wakes up any sleeping part of the brain.

Its moderate consumption early in the morning is a guarantee for better brain functioning. This is a job that requires more wisdom and tact to achieve your objectives.

Improves your mood
Apart from the hormones, coffee also stimulates the production of neurotransmitters – dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin, which are responsible for boosting your mood.

Even if you had a rough and disturbing night, you need to wear a bright face in this noble career. Your mood dictates your soberness to handle issues with decorum, especially at a brainstorming session and round table talks.

The overall positive effect of this is the fight against stress and depression and suicide.

Human right activities like

Peaceful demonstrations
Conference presentations
Brainstorming sessions
Community mobilization and sensitization

Are not walks in the park. It comes with various challenges and obstacles more so when you have to rub shoulders with the government of the day in a wrong way.

Therefore, that cup of coffee you ignore, or you routinely take is not in vain. It comes with lots of benefits which help you in your line of duty. 

Human right administrators should invest in a coffee machine at work to allow their staff also to enjoy the benefits.