Silence is conspiracy. Please break the silence.

I am surprised that there is no action by NHRC, UN,EU and other International actors working for Human Rights defender. Few People are working in our organization from Europe are also silent. Why? Europe needs market of India? Europe wants to support Hindu Fascist understanding due to their financial interest with India? Where is European value or International value? People like me are working for international values are facing the threat and intimidation. Thanks to Sina from Germany (now in News Zealand) and all associates of PVCHR for their psychological support in recent incident.

I received wonderful support by many people such as, “I was shocked to read about your situation. I did not know that you and your family have been facing so many difficulties and dangers. …….. And yes, the reacting or not reacting of Europe is shocking too. What you say is sadly true. When it comes to financial interests, international values are frighteningly often put aside. People like you are a big light of hope for this world. Keep standing and fighting! May you and your family be protected by all the good powers in this world and in the cosmos!. Until then all my best wishes to you! Don’t give up, the world would be a darker place without people like you!”

I am gratified to share that on 14th March, 2013 FIR (First Information Report) lodged against Mr. Sunil Gupta H/o Sapana Chaurasiya after the long struggle in Mahila (women) Thana Sadar Varanasi case no. 4/13 under section 328/52/458 A/323/504/506 IPC.

I am taking this opportunity to thanks to all of you for providing solidarity to Ms. Sapana Chaurasiya and also to me. I am also giving thanks to those who were silently standing.

Sunil Kumar Gupta, the husband of the corpus has appeared before this court along with five years child who his admittedly born out of wedlock. The question of his country of his custody may arise but for the purpose, corpus may apply before the proper forum in separate suit if she is so advised. The petition stands disposed of, accordingly, her husband, Sunil Kumar Gupta, is restrained from making any kind of interference in the peaceful life and liberty of the corpus. (Order date 18 March 2013 in Habeas Corpus writ petition no 8753 of 2013 filed by Sunil Kumar Gupta on behalf of Sapana)

Recently Sapana is nominee of Hindustan Times woman of year 2013.